PARISH OFFICE 253.537.3252

Pastoral Coordinator
Deacon Jim Fish, ext. 113 or deaconjim@ourladyqueenofheaven.org

Parish Priest
Rev. Vinner Raj Simeon Raj, H.G.N., ext. 116 or frvinnerhgn@ourladyqueenofheaven.org

Baptism, RCIA, Liturgy, and Pastoral Care
Joan Mikulski, MHSH, ext. 115 or jmikulski@ourladyqueenofheaven.org

Discipleship and Communication
Diana Jorda, dianaj@ourladyqueenofheaven.org

​Youth Faith Formation 6-12 and Youth Confirmation
Sheryl Blessing, ext. 114 or sblessing@ourladyqueenofheaven.org

Parish Bookkeeper
Teresa Gildersleeve, ext. 118 or teresag@ourladyqueenofheaven.org

Administrative Assistant
Nathan Scott, ext. 117 or nathans@ourladyqueenofheaven.org

Facilities and Maintenance Supervisor
Jerry Bradshaw, ext. 119 or jbradshaw@ourladyqueenofheaven.org 

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Our Vision is to be a Sign of Christ's love
through Liturgy, Christian Education, Prayer,
Sacramental Care for others, and Outreach
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