Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church

Parish Registration

Please complete the parish registration form. Drop it in the collection, mail or bring to the Parish Office during regular business hours. Thank you. 

Lighthearted Ladies is a Catholic women's group. See the bulletin for current information.

Knights of Columbus 

is a charitable, non-profit Catholic men's group supporting those of our community in need. Men of the Parish who are interested in finding out more about the OLQH Knights of Columbus click HERE.

Catholic Engaged Encounter

A weekend of discovery, a weekend of love for engaged couples. Please schedule your retreat at least  four (4) months prior to your marriage. Please visit

http://ceeseattle.org for complete information

6 months before your wedding.


Those planning to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage should contact Deacon James Fish for an appointment at least 6 months prior to the proposed wedding date.

Divorce Pain and Possibilities
We are aware that some of our parishioners, have been hurt by divorce and that some have remarried outside the Church and are not sure of their status. One of the ways to help is to encourage those who are divorced to use the annulment procedure of the Church. An annulment is not a divorce; it does not dissolve an existing marriage. An annulment does not affect the legitimacy of the children of such a marriage. The Church recognizes this aspect of the marriage. For more information, contact the parish office.